ADHD Tips—Stuck at Home? Here Are 10 Tips for Students and Parents to Help You Explore and Grow!

by soarinc

This article features five tips for students and five tips for parents. Jump to the students’ section here and to the parents’ section here.

Feeling restless? Adjusting to more time at home, daydreaming about future adventures at SOAR camp, or just anywhere out and about for that matter?

We created this list of ADHD tips for students and parents to help you brainstorm different things you can do to pass the time.


Even though life may look a little different right now, it doesn’t mean that the SOAR family isn’t here for you! SOAR teaches campers how to embrace adaptability and creativity, and no time seems more relevant to exercise these traits than right now.

So, go ahead and get your daypack packed, fill up your Nalgenes, and tighten up your Chacos, we’ve got some exploring to do! Here are 10 ways you can explore (and grow) with SOAR even from home! 5 tips for the campers, 5 tips for the parents.

5 ADHD Tips for Students

1. Take a Virtual Visit of a National Park

Were you excited to explore a National Park at camp? Don’t let social distancing stop you. The National Park Service and Google Earth have created hours of online exploration of ‘America’s Best Idea.’

Hop on Google Earth for virtual visits of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons, Dry Tortugas, Great Smoky Mountains, The Grand Canyon, and more! Or head to the National Park website for even more exploring. There you can find webcams of wolves, geysers, and bison, just to name a few! Learning about these incredible places from home will help you appreciate the parks even more once you are there in person!


2. Practice a Camp Skill

How about a knot tying tutorial? Or this intro to map and compass? Why not ace these bird calls? Next time you go to SOAR they‘ll start calling you Jim Bridger! Or, get a camp friend in on the shenanigans and you are well on your way to becoming the 21st century, Lewis & Clark.

3. Zoom with Your SOAR pals

Been to SOAR before? Have some familiar faces you might be missing? Why not set up a zoom hang? Try out some online games like Quiplash, Code Names, or make it old school and play Jeopardy. Just keep it civil now. ☺ Or why not Pony Express it and foster a SOAR friendship with some good ole’ snail mail?


4. Have a Camp Night at Home

Yum yum, think of enjoying a hobo dinner over the roaring fire while looking up at the mighty Big Dipper. Summertime perfection. Or how about a s’more competition? Delicious! Whatever you do, get your family involved. Cook up one of your favorite SOAR meals. Why not set up your tent and make a night of it? How about showing off your fire-making skills? P.S. make sure it’s parent-approved/supervised, use a proper fire pit, and make sure there aren’t fire warnings in your area. Don’t disappoint Smokey!


5. Start Thinking about Your Next SOAR Adventure

Yes, it may seem like the world is on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think about your next SOAR outdoor adventure. Explore our website to see all the amazing SOAR expeditions. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for virtual takeovers, visits to our different campuses, info sessions with staff, and more! Have something about SOAR you’d like to learn more about? Let us know! We are here and we can’t wait to get back outside with you.


5 ADHD Tips for Parents

1. Join Our Weekly Webinar Series

These webinars were created specifically to give extra support to parents during this time. Led by John Willson (SOAR’s Executive Director), our weekly webinars feature a variety of important topics for parents of ADHD/LD children.

Webinar topics range from creating structure in your home, fostering social skills, and healthy relationships with electronics, mindset work and failing forward.

Missed a webinar? Don’t worry—we have them saved for you on our website, in addition to supplementary powerpoints/videos.


2. Connect with us on social media

If you don’t already, follow our SOAR accounts. Join us on Instagram and Facebook, to keep up-to-date on our SOAR community. Have a look into our programs, special events, and join us on virtual expeditions! (p.s. Hint, hint we have a social media giveaway coming up. ????)

3. Meet Us on a Zoom call

We have recently launched interactive Zoom call meetings in addition to our webinar series. These meetings allow parents the opportunity to ask questions directly to ADHD/LD experts. Here are our previous Zoom meetings—“Ask the Experts.”

Want to make sure you don’t miss out on future calls? Sign up for our Newsletter here.


4. Make Time for Self-Care

Now more than ever, it is important parents are making time for themselves. Find your outlet and schedule time for it. That may be a 30 min walk alone around your neighborhood, a call with a dear friend, or cooking a nourishing meal. Prioritizing your own wellbeing benefits the entire family. Whatever it is, make time for it.

Here is a great article about parent self-care during COVID-19.

5. Consider Outside Support

With the added pressures of social distancing, education from home, and close quarters, anxiety and stress can be riding high right now. Keep in mind that seeking help beyond your main circle can be necessary during the time of COVID-19. Many reputable and professional mental health services are available online.

Teletherapy is a resource that many families are turning to—learn more in this ADDitude article. You can also consider hiring a virtual ADHD coach to help you tackle those things in your life you’ve always wanted to work on, but just never found the time.

Remember, you’re not alone. We are in this together!