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What to do for Winter Break?

Two or more weeks off of school…  let the hair pulling commence! How do you juggle the holiday load as well as keep your child from having cabin fever? A stressful semester trying to manage their ADHD or Learning Disability may leave your child feeling defeated. A short break may help rejuvenate them and get them ready to go full strength into the next semester. However, many find themselves sinking lower into a slump while sitting on the couch; maybe it is time for a change of scenery.  Or perhaps your child has made strides in managing their learning disability and has experienced some of the success that you wish for each year. Now is the time to keep the momentum going by preventing backsliding that can often happen over the winter break.

A holiday camp may be the way to go for your child. Many of our campers return to our Florida Christmas in the Keys Adventure to continue the success they experienced through one of our summer courses. SOAR becomes a safe haven, a place where they can be a kid, lifelong friendships are built, expectations are clear, it is encouraged to “fail forward”, and adventures abound. Some campers are new comers, trying out SOAR for the first time. Apprehensive parents can use it as a test run in anticipation of the longer courses offered in the summer.  Or more desperate parents find that it’s a place to help their child experience the success that we all need.  However, most importantly these campers leave standing a little bit taller.

Activities such as open water kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, jet skiing, games and initiatives, and sightseeing in Key West all create positive social interactions and help improve team working abilities. We also subtly build in executive functioning skills such as time management, organization, and personal hygiene at the same time.  Don’t forget that they are able to get away from the gross, snowy, cold days that cause them to sit at home glued to their video games.  Instead they can soak in some vitamin D on some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida!

Set your child up for success, get them out of the house and give yourself a much needed break in the middle of the school year. Look for local camps if SOAR is not an option for you. You may be surprised by how many programs are in your area. Help them reenergize and be ready to tackle the rest of the school year and develop new friendships!