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What’s Cool About the Florida Keys Adventure?

Florida Keys SnorkelingOur Florida Keys Adventure is one of the coolest courses we offer, in my opinion. There’s so many awesome things kids get to do on that course that it really stands out.

I mean who can honestly say they don’t want to be in the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean? That’s with this Adventure is all about. The Caribbean sea. The Adventure offers a plethora of water activities including kayaking, swimming, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, camping on the beach, visiting the local aquarium and more.

As a kid I was afraid of the deep end of the pool. And the Caribbean sea is a very big pool. However, the camaraderie, the guidance from staff and the beautiful beaches could easily take care of that fear.

Fort JeffersonOne of the cool activities that kids get to do on the Florida Keys Adventure course is heading out to Dry Tortugas island, which has Fort Jefferson on it. Dry Tortugas is actually about half way between Florida and Cuba, and Fort Jefferson used to serve as the “Gateway to the Gulf.” Construction was never completed due to the Civil War. The site was turned into a historic park in 1938 by Franklin Roosevelt in the Antiquities Act.

The island is surrounded by coral reef, which makes for some incredible snorkeling. Some of the residents include the Florida spiny lobster, 300 species of bird, sea turtles, nurse sharks (which are some of the most relaxed and friendly sharks), thousands of fish species and the coral itself is living! A truly unforgettable experience.

If you’re interested in signing your kid up for the Florida Keys Adventure, click here! We also offer a Christmas in the Keys adventure course, so that kids can get away from the cold for the holidays. They love going to the beach on Christmas!! For more information about that program, click here. Finally, our Academy kids go down to Florida a fair amount themselves! Another great opportunity, with so much more, including the academics, other adventures and life at our Balsam Base in NC! To find out more about our AD/HD and LD Academy, click here.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Check out some of the great pictures below!

Snorkeling Florida

Florida Keys Rocks

Florida Keys Kayaking

Florida Keys Fishing

Fort Jefferson