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The Transition to Boarding School

Difficult, but rewarding.

Transition to Boarding SchoolThe transition to a specialized boarding school or academy for kids with AD/HD and Learning Difficulties can be a difficult one, but may end up rewarding, according to Frederick Fovet, headmaster of a boarding school in Quebec. It’s in early elementary schools where symptoms begin to arise and eventually form into a full diagnosis, special education and prescription medication. Later on in the schooling process, as a student reaches adolescence, this can develop into debilitating behaviors, such as thrill-seeking, pyromania, substance abuse, kleptomania and others. Generally speaking, these behaviors do not immediately disappear when entering a boarding school environment. In many instances, behavior can worsen through this transition. Staff and students alike can have a difficult time coping with the change. But there is hope.

Given time, and a well-trained, supportive staff, kids can overcome these difficult, and sometimes harmful behaviors. According to Fovet, within the boarding school environment lies the teenager’s salvation. With continued patience, consistency and effort from staff, the student finds that there is support in becoming a healthy adult. At SOAR, we do everything we can to nurture the emerging teen, through confidence exercises, developing self esteem and responsibility, as well as simple things such as organization and academics. Through 20 years of success with kids that have AD/HD and Learning Difficulties, we have developed individuated instruction that can serve the needs of each teen coming in. Fivot recommends a healthy balance of outdoor education and indoor academics to facilitate the growth of each student. SOAR has this in spades. Through activities such as whitewater rafting, teens can learn the benefit of teamwork in a pressure situation. Other activities such as walking our High Ropes Course can provide the teen with the confidence needed to succeed in school and in life. So if you’ve been considering whether or not to place your son or daughter in a specialized academy for AD/HD and LD, consider the words and advice of Fovet: The boarding school environment can end up being your child’s salvation.

Find out more about what makes the Academy at SOAR different, by visiting the Academy portal at https://soarnc.org/academy. If you have further questions, feel free to call and speak to our admissions director, Lynne Neaves at 828-456-3435