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SOAR, a Resource for Youth with ADHD / ADD and LD for Over 30 Years

Betty Jones raised her children to believe anything was possible. Although each struggled with learning disabilities that presented their own unique challenges, she instilled in her children a “You gotta wanna” attitude, and always encouraged them to reach their potential. One of those children, Jonathan, went on to create what SOAR is today.

Resources for Youth with ADHD / ADD and LDFounded on the belief that when youth are properly motivated and taught problem solving skills, they can achieve incredible results, SOAR is a direct result of Jonathan’s life experience. Since the early days, back in 1977, we have developed our programs around the needs of the youth we serve. Sure, terminology has changed throughout the years, and ADHD has seeing a drastic change in public perception, but our mission has remained the same: to serve LD and ADHD youth and to provide a place where these youth can experience success and push past perceived limits.

With that in mind, we hope you come to view SOAR as a resource that can be utilized year round. If your child is having trouble keeping organized, or making friends at school, or staying on top of the endless stream of homework…we are here to help. We will be adding to our ADHD resources often through blog posts, videos, and articles we want to share with you. Come check back often, and always know that we are here to serve you.

All our Best,

The SOAR Family

SOAR has been a resource for youth with ADHD / ADD and LD for Over 30 years. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and our YouTube page SOARADHD. We also travel across the country presenting at conferences, meeting with support groups, and visiting schools, professionals, and families. Questions? Contact us at 828-456-3435.