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Outdoors = Serenity for Kids with AD/HD

Beautiful mountains-John MuirThe great John Muir quote to the left is something that we hold dear at SOAR. We’ve painted it on our rock climbing wall, and we focus on facilitating the natural setting for growth and healing. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Or on top of a mountain? Have you seen an amazing view in nature? That’s right, these experiences can bring a moment of stillness, awe, and an understanding of how small we are in the world. This is a feeling that I liken to serenity.

Raising kids with AD/HD can make it really difficult to find this feeling of serenity, for you, and for your kids. However, what that feeling does is slow things down a little bit. It calms the mind. And according to mindfulness studies, these moments of serenity lead to a more peaceful life. That’s what we want for our children, right?

It may seem like an impossible task for someone to do, with AD/HD. Fortunately, Nature has you covered. The incredible beauty and awe-inspiring scenes of nature will do all the work. It’s something that pictures don’t really give justice to. Photographs don’t record the sounds of the birds, the wind through the trees, the warmth of the sun, or the feeling of the rocks and streams. It’s something that has to be experienced.

Fortunately, we live in an amazing country with some of the most beautiful, and largest number of national parks and forests in the world. No matter where you live, this nature is around us and easily accessible. The next time you have a day off, or next weekend, do yourself and your kids a favor and spend some time outside. Write to us on Facebook about your experience!