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Organizing with ADHD. The Homework Space!

Helping your child keep their homework space organized can greatly influence their time management skills, productivity, efficiency, and confidence in whatever they are working on. It is so easy to get disorganized, especially for kids with ADHD, and we all struggle with it at times. By teaching basic organizational skills and making them routine, you are building a foundation of success for your child at home, school, and as an adult in the workplace. The tips below are very basic and generally helpful. However, before trying any of these, we encourage you to reflect on a time when your child was able to organize something and they stuck with it. For example, maybe your son or daughter always keeps their room organized but just cant seem to keep their backpack organized. Reflect on some of things that made the organization of their room such a success and apply that to helping them organize their backpack.

When I say we all struggle with organization, I mean everyone. While writing these tips, I decided to go ahead and apply them to my own work space. Here is my desk pre-organization…..

Messy Desk








Getting organized can be overwhelming, so start out with eliminating clutter. Often times, eliminating clutter simply means putting things away (which we’ll get to), but it also means getting rid of any unnecessary items. For example, if your child is preparing for a science test, he will probably want to have paper, pens, and his science book handy. Having other subjects or unrelated items adds unnecessary clutter.

Clutter vs No Clutter






Have a designated place for everything and put them in their place when you’re not using them. Doing this helps create routine, prevents clutter, and ensures that you always know where to find things!

Putting Things Away







To Do listStart a to-do lists and keep it brief. To-do lists can help bring focus back to goals and the task at hand. By keeping it brief, your child is less likely to get frustrated and more likely to stay on task. If you want to take it a step further, add designated times to work on each item on the list.





Organize frequently. Once you have established a routine that works, keep it up! Set aside one day each week that to get organized. For example, to be sure your child is prepared for the week, sit down on Sunday nights and organize their homework space, backpack, and assignments to make sure everything is in order for the upcoming week.