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Last Minute Tips for a Happy Holiday

1. Release Some Energy on Christmas Eve

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little excited on Christmas Eve. Now combine that with being a kid and adhd, and you’ve got a lot of excitement. To help bring some calm and ensure that everyone gets to sleep, plan a more physical activity for Christmas Eve night. Instead of baking cookies or watching a Christmas movie, go for a bike ride around the neighborhood and sprinkle “reindeer food” along the grass. Or, grab your favorite holiday album and have a holiday dance off! Whatever makes your kids happy and sleepy.

2. Save Some Gifts for Later

Opening gifts can be overwhelming. All those bows, boxes, paper, and of course all of the new stuff! Instead of opening them all at once, try spreading it out throughout the day. This will make the experience less overwhelming for your child and can also be a good way to add small breaks in the day just for them.

3. Prepare for Company

Sit down with your child to discuss appropriate behavior while company is over. Whether your child gets excited or anxious when company comes over, consider talking to someone in your family ahead of time who would be willing to spend a few minutes with your child when they arrive to give your child the attention they need or to make them feel more comfortable.

4. Don’t Overbook

It’s nearly impossible to maintain your normal routine during the holidays, but avoiding too many commitments will help ensure better adjustments to this lapse in routine for your child. Don’t feel obligated to attend every event, gathering, or dinner. And if you can’t get everything in this week, considering moving some gatherings into January.

5. Don’t Forget to Offer Praise Along the Way

Celebrate small successes along the way. If your child sits through the entire family dinner, be sure to acknowledge that. If your child remembers to thank everyone for their gifts, let them know you’re proud. Whatever it may be, don’t forget to let your child know their on your “nice list”.


And if you start to feel overwhelmed, listen to this version of a Christmas Classic to remind yourself that everything doesn’t have to go perfectly.

Video from TotallyADD