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Just Put Your Mind to It

Gah I just love a heart-warming reflection. I went back a few years to find a beautifully written reflection from 15 Year Old, Michael Roth during his NC Academic Discovery program. This testament is a true, unsolicited story of challenge and perseverence. With the help of SOAR, he developed confidence and skills to build a strong man. Boy how I wish I could see you now, Michael. 

During my time here at SOAR, I have learned many things. Things about others and myself. I have accomplished many things. I have pushed myself to places I’ve never been before. SOAR has shown me that in and out of the classroom I am capable of many things.

In the classroom I have been shown and told that I have good writing skills. I have taken these skills and with my teacher’s help, have made them even better. I’ve never been very good at paragraph structure or grammar, and I thought I would never be. As I now know however, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Outside of the classroom I really saw how true it really is when someone says, “put your mind to it and you can do it.” One of my many examples of when I have set my mind to do something and then accomplished it is when we went rock climbing. After I did the intermediate course, I decided to try the expert course. I didn’t think I could do it, but I was going to try. Once I was all ready to climb, I put my mind to it and decided that I was going to climb that rock, or at least not quit without a fight. I tried really hard and when I was about to give up, I gave it one more try, one more final push. I totally pushed my limits. While my arms were burning and my legs felt like they were going to fall off, I kept pushing up Bloody Crack until I finally reached a ledge where I could take a break. I had conquered the hardest part of Bloody Crack. I really did it! After that hard part, the rest of Bloody Crack was a piece of cake. Finally, I got to the top of the mountain and touched the carabineer. It was the best feeling in the world. I didn’t want to come down, but I had to. When I finally reached the bottom and looked up at what I had just done. The feeling was awesome. I don’t think I will ever forget that feeling. Rock climbing for me was very challenging; it took a lot of energy. The feeling of satisfaction was totally worth all of it though. I would have to say rock climbing was my favorite activity.

I learned a lot about myself that day. I learned that pushing your limit really helps, and it works. SOAR has shown me that when you push your limits it pays off and you feel great about yourself, both in and out of the classroom. SOAR higher your confidence. It shows you that you can do it. And when you actually do it, you feel great about yourself. SOAR makes you look inside yourself in a way so you like what you find. I know that now that I have finished SOAR I have learned much about my capabilities and myself. I have definitely had a good experience at SOAR and know that the good outcome of that experience will stay with me for a long time.  Michael Roth (NC Academic Discovery)