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Hope for Military Families

Founded in 1977, SOAR is a non-profit summer camp, boarding school, and gap year program for youth and young adults diagnosed with ADHD and other Learning Disabilities. Through incredible outdoor adventures, SOAR gives participants the opportunity to build friendships, develop life skills, and experience success. The incredible adventures that SOAR has to offer do not come without a cost. For many military families, SOAR’s programs are financially out of reach, but their children are in desperate need of these experiences. SOAR’s Military Scholarship Fund provides life changing SOAR adventures to military families at little or no cost.

AJ’s Story

AJ 2

AJ was one of the first campers to receive a military scholarship through SOAR. AJ was born into a military family and from a very young age shared his father with the service. After already completing three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, AJ’s father set out on his last tour in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, AJ’s father lost his life while on his last tour. Only 12 years old at the time and already facing failures and frustrations at school, AJ began to lose all confidence in himself and hope for the future.

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A Life Changed


Through the generous support of donors and foundations, AJ was able to attend two summers at SOAR and one semester of high school at the Academy at SOAR. This would not have been possible without the scholarship assistance he received. AJ’s life was changed through his experiences at SOAR. His confidence sky rocketed, and he was finally able to learn how to be successful academically and emotionally.
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We Need Your Help

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Help us serve more military families by making a donation to the Military Scholarship Fund. Your donations will be placed in an Endowment Fund, allowing us to provide up to $20,000 in scholarship assistance to military families each year. In order to do this, we are relying on the generosity and support of individual donors just like you to reach our goal of $500,000.




Success Through Service

SOAR Military Scholarship Fund

Providing Life Changing Adventures for Youth and Young Adults with ADHD and other Learning Disabilities

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