ADHD Awareness Month

by Andrea Wackerle

It’s officially ADHD Awareness Month, and there are so many ways that you can help spread awareness! Over 6.4 millions kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, and chances are, if you’re reading this, your child may be one of them! Join us this month as we help eliminate the negative stigmas associated with ADHD and encourage parents, educators, families, and kids to embrace ADHD as a strength and to develop strategies to help kids be successful!

Here are some ways you can get involved!

  1. Share Your Story
    ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of. Parents and kids sometimes feel embarrassed to tell their family or friends about an ADHD diagnosis for fear that they treat them differently or simply say, “ADHD isn’t even real!” These mindsets come from all of the stigmas surrounding ADHD. By sharing your family’s story, you are helping the people closest to you better understand ADHD and how it impacts your daily life. You may also be the encouragement that another parent has so desperately needed! So share your story, the good and the bad, on social media, to a parent group at school, or to a friend or family member!
  2. Support a Local Event
    Each year, we host our Eagle Run 5k to bring awareness to ADHD and raise money for scholarships! It’s likely that something is happening in your area as well! Check out your local parenting sites (i.e. Charlotte Parent, Atlanta Parent, etc.) or find your local CHADD chapter to see who will be hosting events!
  3. Join the Online Community
    There are tons of online events happening that are a great resource to parents of children with ADHD. The ADHD Awareness Expo is happening Oct. 2-8 online. This is a free virtual event that gives you access to tips and strategies from nationwide ADHD professionals and experts. ADDitude also has tons of blogs and webinars throughout the month that can be great resources!
  4. Remind Someone with ADHD How Awesome They Are
    Whether it is your child, your spouse, a co-worker, take some time to remind someone in your life with ADHD how awesome they are! Let them know specific qualities about them that you appreciate and enjoy.