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Student Life

Students build supportive and unique bonds while on campus and during expeditions. The comfortable and enriching culture is what students love about SOAR Academy!

What it’s like at SOAR Academy

It isn’t the administrative team, SOAR instructors, or SOAR staff alone that makes the Academy at SOAR such a supportive environment. It’s the students contributing to each other and their own growth that makes the Academy at SOAR a uniquely wonderful experience.

Campus Amenities

The Academy is located in the Historic Folkmoot Center in Waynesville, NC, nestled in the heart of Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • dorm rooms

  • classrooms

  • multi-purpose room

  • cafeteria

  • offices

  • access to nearby activity fields

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Student-Centered Approach

Student Life at the Academy at SOAR includes the total wellness of every student.

That’s why many of our SOAR students choose to continue communication with their ongoing therapists and/or psychologists as the school year allows.

The Academy at SOAR Team works to include parents, educational consultants, and therapists in the progress students are making throughout the school year and will send students home with an Achievement report.

Welcome to Family Week

At the end of the school year, we invite parents to join us in celebrating the success of each student.

Family Week 2023

Join us!
May 16-21

What is Family Week?

The week begins with seminars and conferences with staff and teachers, and student SOAR Journey presentations. The week will conclude with a banquet and graduation.

Why Attend?

Family Week is crucial to the success of your child’s transition home. It will also help you develop an action plan for the future.

For ages 8-25

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