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We are thrilled that your Journey to Success includes the Academy at SOAR!

Once you are enrolled in the Academy at SOAR, this Parent Resources page will help you navigate the next steps. Haven’t enrolled yet? Request more information or begin your application!


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Once you have been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from our Registrar with the required steps to create a ParentsWeb account and complete your Enrollment Packet. Once you have begun your Enrollment Packet you can access it by logging in to ParentsWeb here.


Contact our Registrar, Twila Campbell at 828-456-3435 to schedule your arrival time and inbrief period.

What is an inbrief? This is a time where you will meet face to face with the Academy Instructors and Teachers to discuss your student’s strengths, goals for the program, Academic learning style, and to set expectations for the program. This time is critical to ensuring everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals. During this time, we will also discuss medication and any other specifics necessary.


Final payment is due prior to the start of the program. All payments can be made through your ParentsWeb account in RenWeb. Read more about our Financial Policies here.

Tuition may be tax deductible. Although we are not a therapeutic program, we do address special needs education, and as such may be considered a medical expense tax deduction.  Tax rules allow medical deductions for “diagnosis, cure, mitigation, or treatment…primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or mental defect or illness” (IRS publication 502). Contact your health care provider and tax professional for more information on whether or not this deduction is appropriate for you.


Success Stories

After attending the Academy at SOAR for 2 wonderful semesters, my 13 year old asked to participate in an 8-week Spanish Immersion work/study program with one of the teachers and 2 other staff members from SOAR. He and 3 other boys lived and worked and traveled throughout South America for 2 months. The entire trip was chronicled on a Shutterfly site, so that I could follow the trips and watch my boy succeed! They visited the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. They went ice climbing and sand surfing. John came home with a far greater sense of self-confidence and a much greater capacity for cooperating at the family level. Having experienced another culture and the many different levels of socio/economic communities that he took part in, he has a far greater appreciation for the things he has at home. He has completed the equivalent of 1 year of HS Spanish, and he is only entering the 8th grade. I highly recommend becoming involved with the Academy at SOAR and any of its summer programs.

~ Parent of Student