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Academy FAQs

Clarity and communication are important to us at the Academy. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Helpful Information

Outlined below are answers to the most common questions we receive from parents and students.

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Academics & Admissions FAQs

Q. Can my student just do one semester or start late?

The Academy at SOAR has rolling admissions throughout the entire school year. Provided there is space, we are able to accept seniors up to October 15th of the first semester and Middle School and underclass students through the first week of February. Please contact our Admissions office to discuss your options.

Q. Do you accept international students?

No. We are not currently set up to accept international students at this time.

Q. What about the quality of academics at the Academy at SOAR?

The Academy at SOAR is proud to be recognized by the prestigious Cognia (formerly AdvancedED) commission as a SACS-CASI accredited boarding school. Read our Press Release.

Q. Will my child fall behind academically?

No. Students should not fall behind academically – provided they complete all of the coursework. We work with families and schools to determine the correct course load for each student, using the North Carolina Standard Course of study for each grade level.

Expedition FAQs

Q. What gear do I need to purchase?

Students will be required to bring personal items (clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag, etc.) in addition to specific academic materials. Our Student and Parent Handbook includes a complete gear list. Wilderness equipment, such as climbing helmets and harnesses, life jackets, tents, etc will be provided.

General FAQs

Q. Is the Academy at SOAR a therapeutic or treatment program?

No.We are not a therapeutic or treatment program, however, our structure is designed to support our student population in similar ways. Many of our students retain their personal therapists and, through our admin team, continue scheduled sessions when available. As an alternative school, we have a School Counselor who works with our students in group and individual formats as needed.

Q. How is my child given their prescribed medication(s)?

A majority of our students take medication and/or supplements. All medication/supplement administration is handled by our trained staff and is tracked to ensure proper administration. Families will need to send medication in a timely manner as it is refilled by their pharmacy. (See the Academy Handbook for more information.)

Q. How do I contact my student?

Our goal is to help students develop independence, and while that can mean limited communication, it provides the students the opportunity to engage fully in their current experiences. Please see the Academy Handbook for our communication policies and procedures.

Q. What if my child gets sick?

The Academy at SOAR staff utilize local doctor’s offices and urgent cares for students with unexpected medical issues and will notify families if their student needs medical attention.

Q. What will my child be eating?

The Academy at SOAR promotes healthy food options for our students. We instruct and teach students to each well rounded, healthy, and balanced meals. During campus phases, meals will be prepared and served in the cafeteria by the school’s chef. In keeping with our philosophy of developing independence and life skills, students plan menus for the group as well as purchase and prepare the team’s food while on expeditions. We will work to accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-orthodox kosher diets to the best of our ability, however, students are ultimately responsible for their own food choices.

Q. What about my child's hygiene?

Maintaining hygiene is an important life skill. Students will be taught how to maintain hygiene in both residential and remote settings and will learn how to do their own laundry.

Q. Is there a specific dress code?

Yes. The Academy at SOAR provides students with meaningful positive experiences, allowing them to learn and grow. Therefore, we have formalized our dress and personal appearance code. This dress code takes into consideration the need for self-expression, while also eliminating distractions that might undermine our schools’ culture and our students’ experiences. See the Academy Handbook for specific information.

Q. Can I visit my student while they are at the Academy?

Due to the inherent nature and design of the school program, we have built-in times for breaks that give you and your student family time. Visits outside of these times may be arranged through the Academy and SOAR’s Administration Team and Head of School.

Q. Can my child bring electronics? (Cell phone, Ipad, etc)

Students may bring electronic devices that are on the approved list, however, when they are able to access them will be based on their performance.

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