Boarding School

The Academy is an accredited adventure-based private boarding school located in Western NC. We serve students with ADHD & Learning Disabilities that are in 7th-12th grade.

Prepare for the Future

The Academy at SOAR offers an alternative learning environment that combines academics, adventure, and life skills development to help prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally for adulthood!

SOAR Academy Info

Our Students

The Academy at SOAR serves students with ADHD and other learning disabilities (LDs) that include but are not limited to Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Executive Functioning challenges. Many of our students are kinesthetic or experiential learners and benefit from a hands-on approach to learning. The Academy utilizes the natural environment and adventure activities to provide students with the opportunity to experience success and personal growth. While we love the reach that SOAR has, at this time, we cannot accept international students into the Academy. 

Adventures in Education
Our student-centered model promotes active learning through instruction in Academics, Adventure, Self-Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Experiential Learning, Field Studies, Community, and Empowerment. We operate on a 4-week cycle: two weeks on campus and two weeks on expedition field study. This unique combination provides an alternative learning environment that helps to engage students in the learning experience.
Life Skills
While attending the Academy at SOAR, emphasis is placed on developing the life skills needed to experience success as an independent adult. We understand the social and executive functioning challenges that many of our students face and work with them during all aspects of our program to better understand the challenges and how to overcome them. From learning to prepare healthy meals, to budgeting, to keeping personal spaces clean and organized, to learning to develop positive relationships, students are able to learn and grow through real life experiences. While on campus and on adventure expeditions, students are surrounded with support academically and socially through their instructors.
Year Round Education

SOAR offers a balance between learning and adventure year round. The Spanish Immersion course provides students with an opportunity to earn foreign language credit during the school-year summer break. This Academy at SOAR course is open to all students even if they are not enrolled in the Academy. The Spanish Immersion course provides a unique opportunity to learn the Spanish language through first-hand experience, by being immersed in the incredible culture of a Spanish-speaking country.

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