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The Academy at SOAR began as a semester program in 1988, where students spent almost the entire time touring the Desert Southwest. We expanded the semester program to the Appalachian Trail semester in 1993.

Adventures in Education

The Academy at SOAR is an adventure-based boarding school for grades 7–12 that offers an alternative learning environment that combines academics, adventure, and life skills development to help prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally for adulthood.

Our student-centered model promotes active learning through instruction in: Academics, Adventure, Self-Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Project Based Learning, Field Studies, Community and Empowerment.

The Academy at SOAR operates on a 4-week cycle: two weeks on campus and two weeks on expedition field study. This unique combination provides and alternative learning environment that helps to engage students in the learning experience. While on expeditions, students will participate in high adventure activities such as canoeing the Florida Everglades, hiking the Grand Canyon area, rock climbing in Seneca Rocks of West Virginia, and snorkeling among the tropical reefs of Belize. These expeditions offer an active learning environment for students to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned in the classroom.

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Wheel of Success

Wheel of Success

Who Do We Serve?


The Academy at SOAR is an academic adventure program and residential boarding school for youth with learning disabilities including but not limited to ADHD, Dyslexia, and Executive Functioning difficulties. Many of our students are kinesthetic or experiential learners and benefit from a hands-on approach to learning. The Academy at SOAR utilizes the natural environment and adventure activities to provide students with ADHD and LD the opportunity to experience success and personal growth and development. We encourage all students to explore their incredible talents and gifts with the belief that their future is intertwined with these strengths and abilities. Many students with ADHD/ADD and other learning disabilities have experienced low self-esteem and academic frustration prior to attending SOAR. We believe that the alternative learning environment provided at the Academy at SOAR helps students overcome these frustrations to experience success.

Life Skills

While attending the Academy at SOAR, emphasis is placed on developing the life skills needed to experience success as an independent adult. We understand the social and executive functioning challenges that many of our students face and work with them during all aspects of our program to better understand the challenges and how to overcome them. From learning to prepare healthy meals, to keeping personal spaces clean and organized, to learning to develop positive relationships, students are able to learn and grow through real life experiences. While on campus and on expeditions, students are surrounded with support academically and socially through their Instructors. These instructors are staples in their everyday life and are there to mentor, guide, and encourage students through life’s everyday challenges.



Academy at SOAR Adventures in Education- Student Blog

Academy at SOAR Adventures in Education! Welcome to our Blog! The students at the Academy at SOAR have created this blog share with you our ...

The Academy Experience

After attending the Academy at SOAR for 2 wonderful semesters, my 13 year old asked to participate in an 8-week Spanish Immersion work/study program with one of the teachers and 2 other staff members from SOAR. He and 3 other boys lived and worked and traveled throughout South America for 2 months. The entire trip was chronicled on a Shutterfly site, so that I could follow the trips and watch my boy succeed! They visited the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. They went ice climbing and sand surfing. John came home with a far greater sense of self-confidence and a much greater capacity for cooperating at the family level. Having experienced another culture and the many different levels of socio/economic communities that he took part in, he has a far greater appreciation for the things he has at home. He has completed the equivalent of 1 year of HS Spanish, and he is only entering the 8th grade. I highly recommend becoming involved with the Academy at SOAR and any of its summer programs.

~ Parent of Student