Academy at SOAR Quick Facts

The Academy at SOAR is an accredited private boarding school that provides a unique combination of academics, adventure, and life skills development to prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally for adulthood.
Our Academy is specially designed for students with ADHD and other learning challenges. Our unique teaching approach combines differentiated instruction in a small classroom setting with two-week experiential education expeditions. During their travels, school work is tailored to incorporate lessons based on their various locations. In addition to academic learning, our students gain essential social and life skills to help them become more successful individuals in and out of the classroom. As a result, students enter their future with an empowered sense of self-awareness, a zest for learning, and self-sufficiency unknown before.

Quick Facts


Waynesville, North Carolina




1:4 staff to student ratio (classroom size ranges from 2-8 students)


Academy at SOAR is accredited by Cognia (previously AdvancED)


Fall Term:

X1: All School Camping Trip

X2: NC Triple threat

X3: West Virginia

X4: Buffalo River

Spring Term:

X1: Florida Keys

X2: Belize

X3: Crooked River/ Cumberland Island

X4: All School City Trip D.C. Academy Videos