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What Other Families Are Saying

“Daniel has come back both this year and last with a stronger sense of self confidence and pride in his accomplishments. I think his successes at SOAR have helped him become much more successful in Middle School. He loves the camp and wants to come back next summer!”
– Camp Parent

“SOAR provided our son with a wonderful, outdoor-focused camp that had an excellent counselor to camper ratio. The counselors were knowledgeable and had the “right” experience, training and temperament for the campers.”
– Tonya & John, Camp Parents

“I learned that I can do many things if I put my mind to it, and that I can control my reactions and actions towards people and things.”
Adam, Camper

“Camp gave my son an opportunity to really see what he could do on his own. His confidence has skyrocketed!”
– Camp Parent

“SOAR provides an opportunity for [campers] to get away from the “easy activities” they seem to gravitate to—video games, computers and TV—and into really life-changing activities that require them to grow as individuals. [My son] came back more focused and mature, and more willing to take responsibility for his self.”
– Camp Parent

“Landry excelled in her abilities. As a parent I wish she could see how everyone else sees her. She is amazing. She lacks self awareness and confidence. I am glad Landry has an environment that she feels safe and can be “herself”.”
– Dorothy, Camp Parent

“The communication from staff during program was very assuring. Knowing your child is safe is very comforting. There are not many places that accommodate for our kids who are outside the box. As parents it was so refreshing to have a good feeling when you are leaving your child.”
– Lisa, Camper Parent

“I learned that if I try to face my fear hard enough, I WILL succeed.”
– Joshua, Camper

“My son received a level of love, care, growth and encouragement from his counselors – and a sense of comradeship with his cabin mates unparalleled to any other camps/teams/classes of which he has been a part. He is still maintaining (most) aspects of behavioral maturity he developed while at camp. He is better with his communication and has more self-confidence. At SOAR he was surrounded by others with those struggles/feelings similar to his own. He was able to have great adventures and positively work on himself, encourage and be encouraged by others, and develop skills that will strengthen him for a life time. And for these young ones, the whole world is before them!”
– Camp Parent

“I can’t even tell you how much SOAR has done for Nate. When he came home this year, he was so much more confident, especially because he made friends who were “like” him. He felt accepted. And he also felt accomplished. Basically, he had some idea of how awesome he really is.”
– Sarah, Camp Parent

“She gained a true belief in herself as a person. She was able to take emotional risks. We were not expecting this, and were simply awed.”
– Camp Parent

“One of the most meaningful things for my son was interacting with peers who accept him. Being around kids who have many of the same challenges he does was very powerful for him.”
– Camp Parent

“At SOAR, I found out that people think I’m awesome.”
George, Camper

“For kids with low self-esteem and ADHD challenges, SOAR programs give them confidence in themselves and their abilities. Working with others is critical for success in life and SOAR provides the opportunity to learn how to compromise and communicate effectively through their team approach. The staff is incredibly caring and experienced. I can’t say enough good things about what SOAR has done for my son and by extension, our family.”
– Camp Parent

“I learned nothing’s impossible, basically, the word impossible spells I’m possible!”
– Hilary, Camper

“At the risk of sounding overly-dramatic, I must tell you that Henry’s SOAR experience affected our entire family, on many levels. SOAR offered Henry the chance to feel normal, instead of like a misfit. For us, SOAR is like a great equalizer, where all children are on an even playing field, and labels and stigmas are left at the door.”
– Calla & Reed, Camp Parents

“Mom, this is the first time I’ve been with kids that are like me. I felt so comfortable and I was a real part of the group. I can’t wait to go back next summer.”
– Alyssa, Camper

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