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Over 11% of school aged youth are diagnosed with ADHD, and approximately 25% of those are also diagnosed with a learning disability.


Our vision of success includes the growth and development of each and every camper, student, and staff that comes through our doors. That vision of growth extends to our facilities as well. We are excited about opportunities to challenge, inspire, and serve the youth we work with in new and impactful ways.


Here is a list of current projects we are seeking funding for:

  • Addition of an Alpine Tower and Zip Line at Eagle View Ranch
  • Continue expansion of the Adirondack style camp shelters at Balsam Base
  • Build a bathroom / covered facility for the Marion Franklin Memorial Activity Field at Balsam Base
  • Increase the size of the Balsam Base commercial kitchen to better serve the SOAR participants

We are extremely grateful for generous support that has enabled the following projects to be completed:

Purchase of Achiever’s Hall, a state of the art facility (link to Academy Campus/Facilities page) utilized by our Academy. Freeing up funds that would have otherwise been spent on a mortgage, this payoff enabled SOAR to create a Scholarship program for Academy students in the amount of $12,000 each year.

Upgrade of Balsam High Ropes Course. Our High Ropes course has always been a favorite of campers, and we are THRILLED at the new expansion. We’ve added new elements, and extended our zip line to over 300+ yards! Read more about it in our recent blog post here.


Your gift to our development fund is a great opportunity to enrich the lives of our incredible community. Give your support today!

The SOAR Experience

“…My words are inadequate to tell you what a life changing experience SOAR was to AJ. I took to camp a depressed and suicidal boy and he came home a confident young man.”

~ AJ's Mom