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SOAR participants can experience over 35 different high adventure activities – rock climbing, SCUBA, mountain biking, rifelry, surfing, llama treks, horseback riding, and much more!


Working for SOAR!

Being an Adventure Camp Staff at SOAR is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and challenging jobs that you will ever have. If you want to impact lives of campers who often feel inadequate socially, academically, or holistically, then SOAR is the camp for you. Each year we search for highly qualified, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference.

Camp is a place where campers can feel supported, expand their comfort zones, and build lifelong friendships. Your job is to create and foster an environment that is warm, safe, and fun. In doing so you will also have the opportunity to develop leadership and teaching skills, make life-long friends, and explore some of the most beautiful places on the earth!


What we expect from you:

Who we hire: SOAR looks for individuals who are leaders, problem solvers, empathetic, adventurous, communicative, honest, and can have fun. Most of our summer staff are older (average age is 23; minimum is 19) and have or are pursuing degrees in human services (psychology, education, therapeutic recreation, adventure therapy, outdoor education, child development).

Time Commitment: We are looking for staff that are able to commit to the whole summer from Mid-May to Mid-August. Expect long hours. Staff will work the full length of a course ranging from 10 to 18 days. Staff will live with the campers full time in the field. This means that you need to be able to handle anything thrown at you – whether it is at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. You are constantly “on” with your campers, but you won’t be able to beat the amazing adventures you will be sharing with them.

Your role: Staff will be paired with a co-staff and lead groups of 8 campers on high adventure trips including activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, canoeing, backpacking, kayaking, horseback riding, and more. You will be involved in preparing campers for activities both physically and mentally, leading activities, and processing with the group after each activity. In addition, staff are responsible for the constant and consistent supervision of campers during the entire length of the course (24/7). You will also be helping the students work on a personal growth goal that relate to such common ADHD/LD challenges of disorganization, poor social skills, and impulsive behavior. At the end of each course, staff will write an evaluation on each student that highlights their areas of strength and details their progress toward these goals.

Character: SOAR is a strength-focused program. This means we look at our campers’ strengths and how they can use them to overcome any struggles they may have. We are asking you to help foster positive character traits with our campers. This requires that our staff display the highest moral character and be a positive role model.

High Energy: SOAR provides a camp for campers with ADHD. This means that many are high energy. We expect our staff to give 120% every day. Campers are inspired by staffs’ energy and enthusiasm. If you are having fun, chances are that they are too! This may be difficult after long days packed full of activities, but putting that extra effort in makes your job easier in the long run. Campers that are engaged have fewer behaviors arise.


What to expect from us:

Competitive Salary: We expect a lot from our staff. In return, SOAR strives to be a leader in compensation in the industry. SOAR Staff Pay Scale

Leadership Training: SOAR provides a two-week training that will prepare you for your experience with us. We cover topics such as risk management, behavior management, communication, social skills, fostering like skills, and much more. This training provides many items that are transferable to whatever career you are looking to pursue.

WFA/CPR/Lifeguard Certifications: SOAR requires and provides WFA and CPR training at no cost for our staff. Already have these certifications or higher? Don’t worry, we figure that into your pay and you will be given respective pay bonuses relating to your certifications and experience.

Time Off: Staff will have an average of two full days off every two weeks and one to two evenings off per course. No matter which SOAR location you work at you will have access to amazing outdoor locations. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons, the Everglades, and many more amazing National Forests and areas are right in our backyard!

Room and Board: SOAR provides room and board for all employees during your contract. Our staff are required to provide their own tents while on course.

NC/WY: Cabin bunk and meals provided.

FL/CA: Camping at the campground on all days and a food stipend to assist with food cost on off days.

Community: Working at SOAR is not easy! The hours are long, the kids require constant supervision and energy, and we keep going no matter what the weather. Together, our staff share experiences that not many who have not worked at SOAR will understand. This will allow you to create bonds that will withstand the test of time. You can expect to make life long friendships with the people you have chosen to spend your summer with.

Resume Building and Networking: Many companies in the outdoor industry view SOAR employees as gold! The experience and knowledge that you learn from working at SOAR will help prepare you for any future career. Also, working at SOAR connects you to a network of professionals from both former staff and families. These connections can prove beneficial in looking for future employment and other resources. SOAR is well known in the industry and if able will provide a positive reference for future employment. Unless, like most of us, you fall in love with our work and never leave!

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Check out our Staff FAQ.


Please read our Staff Policies & Protocols before applying.


Questions? Contact Andrea Wackerle at andrea@soarnc.org or 828-456-3435.