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SOAR’s Family Support and Alumni Services


So much about SOAR is in response to the tremendous feedback we receive from the world’s foremost experts regarding your children: That would be YOU! You said you needed more support after the camp/school experience and we are here to provide a solution to that need.


Our Family Support and Alumni services are here to serve you with the following resources:


Strategies for Success

ADHD & LD Resources

Regional Meet & Greets

Alumni Benefits



Meet our Family Support and Alumni Coordinator:

Dr. Liz Simpson


Liz is a life long educator and advocate for children and families. Liz began her career as an interpreter for the Deaf in Casper, Wyoming. She then went on to work with court adjudicated youth in a residential program, later becoming acting director of that program. From there she spent 20 years as a special educator in public and alternative schools.  After seeing a great need for teachers to be better prepared to teach differently abled children, especially children with LD, AD/HD and Autism, Liz went on to teach Special Education, Human Development, and Collaboration at the University of Wyoming. For the past four years, Liz has been an independent consultant to parent groups on how to help their children with special needs be successful in school, their communities and in life.



BA University of Wyoming, Education

PhD Auburn University, Educational Psychology




Free Consultations with Dr. Liz Simpson (Liz@soarnc.org)