Congrats to our 5 Year Alumni!

by Andrea Wackerle

5 is a big number at SOAR. When campers reach their 5th year at SOAR, we honor them for their accomplishments in a few ways. At the beginning of the course, we acknowledge our 5 year alumni within their group to recognize their accomplishments and to encourage them to be a leader throughout the remainder of the course. Campers also receive a special pendant and their name added to the SOAR totum pole! Each of these campers holds a special place in our hearts. We have had the joy of working with them on incredible adventures and watching each of them grow. Congratulations to all of our 5 Year Alumni. We are so very proud of each of you and look forward to working with you many more summers!

5 Year AlumniAlec Brown

Benjamin Lehman

Carter Benninghoff

John Le Houillier

Langdon Kennedy

Michael O’Neill

Nathan Carlson

Sara Shamel

Patrick Atwell

Raymond Higham

S. Tablot Young

Will 2016 be your 5th year at SOAR? Make it count! Consider participating in one of our amazing specialty courses, designed specifically for SOAR alumni to offer new and exciting adventures! Check them out!

Florida SCUBA Openwater
California Surfing Adventure-NEW
Caribbean Sailing/SCUBA Adventure-NEW
Adirondack Adventure
NC Whitewater Intensive
Postgraduate Adventure
Peru Spanish Immersion