5 Things You’ll Learn at SOAR’s Family Weekend Adventure

by Andrea Wackerle

Looking to improve your family relationships while also having a little fun? We invite you to join us for our Family Weekend Adventure and experience a SOAR adventure as a family! Parents will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other parents in group discussions facilitated by SOAR’s founder, Jonathan Jones, Executive Director, John Willson, and Child Psychologist, Roy Sanders. During this time, campers and siblings will develop social skills and positive team interactions as they participate in group initiatives & games, and will challenge themselves on our exciting rock climbing wall! Campers will stay on base in our cabins, and will get to experience firsthand what a SOAR program is like. We feel confident that the Family Weekend Adventure will begin conversations within your family that will continue past the weekend, but here are 5 takeaways you are sure to leave with.

  1. How to Better Understand Your Child’s Strengths and Abilities

    When you’re going through the day to day motions of school, homework, dinner, sports practice, sibling rivalry, and so on, it’s pretty easy to see those 3 ADHD criteria: Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, and Inattentiveness. One of our goals throughout the family weekend is to help you find new strengths in your child or to better utilize and focus on their current strengths. During the first session of the weekend, parents will be asked to define their child based only on their strengths. This puts parents in a positive mindset from the start and allows you to start seeing some of your child’s challenges as strengths.

  2. How to Encourage Responsibility

    Something that we implement in all SOAR programs and encourage all families to do is to establish specific daily roles and family expectations. Throughout the weekend, we will share some of the daily roles we use here at SOAR and a template for creating a family contract that works for everyone.

  3. Tools for Helping Your Child Succeed at Home and at School

    One session will focus on crucial life skills such as organization and time management, developing communication and listening skills, and social skills strategies. All of these things can be implemented and approved upon at home and then translate into success at school and in peer relationships.

  4. How to Improve Communication in Your Home

    Communication is so important, especially when frustration levels begin to rise. We’ll discuss ways to keep conversations productive and effective as well as strategies to help your child use positive communication models that encourage self-value and respect.

  5. How to Work Together as Team to Overcome Challenges

    One of the best parts of the Family Weekend Adventure is the adventure! After spending time in workshops with other parents, families will rejoin their child for a trip down the Nantahala River. There will be bumps along the way, but families will work together as a team to finish the run!

Family Weekend Adventure Details:

Dates: May 6 – May 8, 2016



$1,250 per family of four, each additional youth is $300.

A registration deposit of $150 must be submitted with the online application. This non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the tuition balance.

We have blocked off rooms for SOAR Families at the Oak Hill on Love Lane Bed & Breakfast at a discounted rate. Simply mention SOAR at the time of booking. Rooms are subject to availability.