4 Steps for a Safe & Healthy In-Person School Year

by Andrea Wackerle

The Academy at SOAR is a private boarding school for youth with ADHD/LDs. The Academy is for 7-12 grade and only accepts 32 students for an academic year. We operate on a rolling admissions basis. Students will be returning to the Academy on August 31st and we are excited to have them back for the 2020-2021 school year!

We are looking forward to being able to do both campus instruction as well as the experiential expedition travel for this year’s students. We know that our students, families, and staff are eager to see what adventures this year will bring!

Here are four steps that will guide us as we come back together this Fall:

1. Symptom Checks 

  • Prior to arrival, all students and staff must be tested for COVID-19 allowing time for test results to be returned prior to the start of school. During student drop-off, we will have a screening process for anyone entering the building including a temperature check and symptom assessment.
  • Students and staff will have documented daily symptom checks and temperature screenings.

2. Handwashing and Hygiene 

  • Staff and students will wash hands frequently including before and after meals.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be at every entrance/exit and throughout the building.
  • Bathrooms, dining areas, desks, lockers, and all surfaces will be disinfected daily.
  • Teachers, administrators, and staff that are not part of the small group cohorts will be required to wear a mask.

3. Consistent Small Group Setting & Outdoor Instruction

  • Small groups will rotate being on and off-campus for two week periods of on-campus instruction then expedition instruction.
  • In their small groups, students will still be able to do outdoor adventure activities like canoeing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and hiking. All equipment will be properly sanitized before and after use.

4. Limited Access to the General Public

  • Students will still be traveling on our amazing expeditions throughout the school year. The expeditions for this year have been designed to keep students away from the general public.
  • All activities will be continuously monitored or reviewed to minimize exposure both in and outside of school.

As you might expect, plans for the school year continue to evolve as we receive more information during these times. Please know that we will continue working to provide the experience to our students that make us unique.

For more information on the Academy at SOAR’s reopening plan and our new protocols, call the Admissions Office at  828-456-3435!