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2017: A Year of Success!

A lot of amazing things happened at SOAR in 2017, and we are excited to share them with you!

1. We served 674 campers across all of our locations this summer. This is the most campers we have ever served! We are excited to hopefully exceed this number in 2018!


2. In 2017, over 50 campers received scholarships to attend, including two full scholarships! We know that there are so many more campers out there who need financial assistance, so we have exciting plans to help grow this number in the coming years.

3. In the Spring of 2017, six students graduated from the Academy at SOAR, making 2017 our largest graduating class! All of these students are currently pursuing higher education, and we couldn’t be more proud!


4. We launched a NEW camp video. Check it out!

5. The Academy at SOAR expanded with the purchase of an additional property on Balsam Base, Alumni Hall. This property provides additional living and multipurpose space for students and helps adjoin our current properties.

All of these successes would not be possible without you all! We are so appreciative of your support and commitment to SOAR. We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Honoring our 2017 Five Year Alumni

We celebrate all of our campers and their accomplishments. One of the biggest accomplishment is becoming a 5 Year Alumni SOAR, and this summer we celebrated 9 campers who have been with us for 5 years! Becoming a 5 year alumni is a big deal at SOAR. On the first day of camp we acknowledge their accomplishments by adding their name to our SOAR totem pole. They are also recognized within their group at the first camp fire where they receive a special 5 year pendant. We have enjoyed each summer  spent with these campers and have loved watching them grow with every program they do!

These campers are:

Dylan Eaves

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Mia Mann

Mia Man

Zhenia Michaux

Zhenia Michaux

Axel Orzano

Axel Orzano Plaque

Lucas Overstreet

Lucas Overstreet Plaque

Maguire Phegley

Maguire Phelgley

Aaron Simon

Aaron Simon

William Upchurch

William Upchurch


We want to say a big congratulations to all of our 5 year alumni; we cannot wait to have many more summers full of adventures with you!

We hope to have many more campers join our group of 5 year alumni next summer! Consider participating in one of our amazing specialty courses, designed with alumni in mind, to offer new and exciting adventures!

Specialty Courses

Florida SCUBA Openwater
California Surfing Adventure
Adirondack Adventure
NC Whitewater Intensive
Peru Spanish Immersion

Next Generation of Campers

For 41 years SOAR has kept the tradition of serving youth and young adults with ADHD and other learning disabilities, giving them a summer experience that will last a lifetime. This summer we had the privilege of having a second generation come to camp, whose father attended 15 years ago.


Alex Jones attended NC Academic Discovery in 2002, the summer between his junior and senior year of high school. He enjoyed his experience so much he wanted his son, Bryson, to experience SOAR as well.

“I wanted Bryson to realize at a young age what he was capable of and I knew from my experience that he would have a great time.”

Alex’s mom was a strong advocate for him as a child and wanted to give him in an opportunity where he could learn strategies as well as life skills at an early age. That is when she found SOAR. After Alex attended camp, he discovered he had leadership abilities, and was able to build on these leadership skills throughout his time here. He was also able to step outside of his comfort zone and wanted his son to have the same opportunities.

“Looking out over a valley after climbing 120 feet was a seminal moment for me and I wanted my son to have that same opportunity.”


Bryson joined us this summer in our Llama Trek Adventure which is for 8-10 year old campers. The highlight of this trip is the 3 day, 2 night Llama Trek Expedition where the campers learn responsibility, perseverance, and are able to set goals as well as problem solve. Bryson enjoyed his camp experience and stated, “I did things I did not know I could do, like rock climbing and going down a class 3 rapid.” Alex was also happy with the experience and stated, “12 days for him to be unplugged was a blessing, to find a world beyond the screen.”

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue passing down our traditions at SOAR and look forward to inspiring the next generation of campers!