Post High School Residential Program for Youth with ADHD
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ADHD doesn't always mean someone can't pay attention (they can often focus on one thing for hours). Instead people with ADHD have a hard time controlling what they pay attention to.


Gap.Academy2aDuring the Residential Living component, participants will live together at Eagle View Ranch. This setting allows them to experience real-life responsibilities in a real-life setting—interacting with peers, cooking meals, doing laundry, organizing their space, and planning for their next trip.

While on base, participants will also have the opportunity to volunteer at a location of their choice and enroll in courses through Central Wyoming College totaling 4 credit hours. The volunteer experiences give participants the chance to develop new skills, gain on the job experience, and grow personally and professionally while giving back to the community. The courses through Central Wyoming College will include a Workforce Readiness class, Orientation to College, and Personal Financing.


  • Menu Planning, purchasing and preparation
  • Budgeting / Fiscal Responsibility
  • Organization / Responsibility of personal items
  • Expedition Planning / Travel Expertise
  • Laundry / Personal Hygiene
  • Social Skills
  • Community Involvement
  • Goal Setting and Orientation
  • Time Management

Each of these skills is developed and practiced under the experienced and watchful eyes of the SOAR instructors. Each participant will develop and work towards individual goals throughout their experience. They are provided guidance by staff, but are also empowered to live as young adults, making decisions for themselves. SOAR instructors will help facilitate their growth as they work towards becoming fully autonomous by the end of the experience.

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