The Academy at SOAR began as a semester program in 1988, where students spent almost the entire time touring the Desert Southwest. We expanded the semester program to the Appalachian Trail semester in 1993.

Adventures in Education

The Academy at SOAR is an accredited ADHD boarding school for boys and girls with ADHD, ADD and learning disabilities between grades 7 and 12. We are unlike any other program in the country. We provide differentiated instruction and curriculum for each individual student by utilizing a project-based, experiential model encompassing both academics and independent living skills instruction. Our learning environment is structured to address the variety of learning styles, interests, and abilities found within the classroom, whether indoors or out.

Our student centered model actively engages students in the learning process through instruction in: Academics, Adventure, Self-Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Project Based Learning, Field Studies, Community and Empowerment.

Teams will rotate between residential living at North Carolina’s Balsam Campus, and on wilderness expeditions across the country. Students will participate in high adventure activities such as canoeing the Florida Everglades, hiking the Grand Canyon area, rock climbing in Seneca Rocks of West Virginia, and snorkeling among the tropical reefs of Belize. These expeditions provide the venue for developing problem solving skills, effective communication strategies, and increased self- awareness and general social skills, as well as an integration of academic skills. By achieving success in our adventure-based programs, each student builds essential self- esteem and self- confidence that translates into all walks of life.

* What is Differentiated Instruction? This means that the curriculum is taught to students based on their individual learning style and grade level–i.e. auditory learners are presented with information verbally, whereas visual learners are provided with written components.

Wheel of Success


Who Do We Serve?

The Academy at SOAR is an academic adventure program and residential ADHD boarding school for boys and girls with learning disabilities or differences including but not limited to ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, and Executive Functioning difficulties. Many of our students are kinesthetic or experiential learners and benefit from a hands-on approach to learning. The Academy at SOAR utilizes the natural environment and adventure activities to provide students with ADHD/ADD and LD the opportunity to experience success and personal growth and development. We encourage all students to explore their incredible talents and gifts with the belief that their future is intertwined with these strengths and abilities. Many students with ADHD/ADD and other learning disabilities have experienced low self-esteem and academic frustration prior to attending SOAR. We believe that the boarding school and adventure based environment provided at the Academy at SOAR help students overcome these frustrations to experience success.

Academy at SOAR Adventures in Education- Student Blog

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The Academy Experience

“Our 12 year-old son has participated in 3 different SOAR summer camps over the years and is currently attending the SOAR Academy school year. Not only is he always excited to return to any program given by SOAR, but his progress on all fronts has been amazing (as observed by family, friends and therapists). Most importantly, his own observations about his life skills and social abilities have given him self-esteem and independence that give him a new and unprecedented HOPE FOR THE FUTURE! He has learned to see things from multiple perspectives, not just his own -- which is of course one of the key social skills he needed to learn! Through the physical and psychological challenges of the SOAR program, our son has learned to advocate for his needs and work through challenges with people other than his parents. Our son has always been completely safe and we have fully trusted the highly trained staff, who are supportive but do not coddle our kids as parents are sometimes apt to do.”

~ Parent of Student