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Academy at SOAR Adventures in Education- Student Blog

Academy at SOAR Adventures in Education!Academy-Students

Welcome to our Blog! The students at the Academy at SOAR have created this blog share with you our adventures. As you can see, we do some pretty cool stuff. Part of our experience is writing about the places we discover, the people we meet, and what we learn about ourselves along the way.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. You will also see posts by our Teachers here. They make sure we are getting the most out of the educational opportunities we encounter in the field. Our academic approach is pretty unique. Read more about that here: Differentiated Instruction


Cost Rica

By Erica

Costa Rica. If you’ve never been there then you’re missing out. I’ve never seen a place so beautiful and diverse. There are mountains, oceans, volcanoes and city. It’s hard to choose which I liked more so I wont.

Our first stop was San Jose where we stayed at the backpackers hostile for a night. There were a bunch of hammocks, which was nice, that night we went to the markets to buy food. The next morning we had pastries, which I soon realized we would have for most of our breakfasts.

Our next stop was La Fortuna. On our way there we had casadas, which is this delicious dish consisting of rice, beans, plantains, some type of meat and veggies. In la Fortuna we went horseback riding to an overlook of the volcano. Then after a long and tiring day of horseback riding we went to the hot springs to relax. The next day we went zip lining through the rainforest. It was even more fun them when we went in North Carolina. My favorite part of this part of the trip was the volcano. I’ve never seen something so beautiful. I probably stared at it for an hour straight just because a photo couldn’t do it justice.

Our almost last stop was Quepos/Manuel Antonio. This was the beach part of our trip. It was probably my favorite part of the trip. The Pacific Ocean was so clear and warm. Also I got to see so many adorable sloths, which are kind of my spirit animal so it was a pretty big deal. We also got to stay at the hotels so it was pretty luxurious. The hotel was called El Mono Azul, which means the blue monkey. We also got to eat at this restaurant that was a plane. It was a really nice restaurant with really good food. I wore my new sarong that I bought to the restaurant. I think I spent all my money and I bought all my stuff speaking the language of my people (Spanish)

My most favorite part of this trip, which made the trip 100x better was our tour guide Willy. He has such a passion for his country that it can’t help but rub off on you. I loved that he sacrificed his vacation time to spend with us because it shows how great of a person he is. Also he has a daughter that looks just like me. Overall Costa Rica was one of the best, actually it was the best.

Cost Rica Blog

By Alan Meyer

Costa Rica was a pretty awesome experience for me. I had been there once before but even though I had already been there I got to try new things. For example, I learned lot more about Costa Rica and its bananas. I also learned a lot about its wildlife and all of its flora around Costa Rica. Another example was that I got to haggle with the street vendors and the shopkeepers. The cool thing about Costa Rica is that a lot of places don’t have set prices like the USA does. There is more room to haggle or make a good deal. I learned that you don’t have to speak the same language to communicate, and that sometimes you can get by with just using hand gestures and minimal Spanish. So anyways, on this trip to Costa Rica I learned a lot sof important lessons from both the people that I already know and random strangers.