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On the inaugural fall semester program in 1993, John Willson, now our Executive Director, hiked 276 miles with students on the Appalachian Trail.


Early-Days-of-SOARSOAR was founded in 1977, by an adult with a learning disability, who believed that focusing on an individual’s strengths, rather than their deficits, was critical in ensuring success. Throughout the past 40 years, our programs have been adapted around the specific needs of the LD and ADHD youth we serve. Our understanding of this population is in everything we do- in the way we approach challenges and adventures, in the way we structure each day, in the way we handle conflicts, and in the way we celebrate each participant’s abilities. The SOAR community, comprised of committed instructors and motivated participants, plays an integral role in the success of each student.

SOAR offers outdoor adventure programs for every stage of your child’s life from camp soar, to our accredited boarding school, to our GAP Year Program for young adults!

SOAR welcomes youth and young adults diagnosed with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities (and their siblings) of any race, religion, sexual orientation or identity, national or ethnic origin, and disability (assuming the disability permits safe participation in the essential activities of SOAR courses as currently defined).

Come Experience the Journey to Success!

WHY SOAR? Because we provide:

  • Fun & Adventure

    “My son loved every minute and felt he was able to test himself in a meaningful way through all of the exciting activities. His favorite was whitewater rafting!”

  • Community & Sense of Belonging

    “One of the most meaningful things for my son was interacting with peers who accept him. Being around kids who have many of the same challenges he does was very powerful for him!”

  • Self-Confidence

    “Camp gave my son an opportunity to really see what he could do on his own. His confidence has skyrocketed!”

  • Friendship & Social Skills

    “He had a great time and has spoken to several of his pals after the course! This is huge for him!”

  • Life Skills

    “[My son] feels so much more confident in his day to day activities upon his return from SOAR. He feels proud that he can cook, hike and do laundry.” “[My daughter] returned exhibiting more self-assurance and responsibility, as well as a better sense of organization.”

With the goal of success in mind, our programs provide challenges that build self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance. Each student is challenged in a variety of adventure activities (backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, among others), and pushed beyond their comfort zone with support and encouragement. These experiences empower the student to make healthy choices, learn more about themselves, overcome challenges, and relate lessons learned from these experiences to other aspects of their lives.




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My SOAR Experience

"I could not say enough positive/good things about SOAR. I am so glad I picked up the ADDitude magazine one day because that is how I first learned about SOAR. It has been so good for Devin."

Camper Parent, 2016